Commercial Mortgage Advice

Commercial Insurance

If you are looking at starting or are currently owning and running a business, are you sure you that you have the right insurance cover in place for your business needs?

It’s always best to seek advice on the cover that is required and ensure that you obtain competitive premiums with the best cover

Key areas of commercial insurance are:

Public liability insurance – covers claims arising from liability for injury to a person outside of your employment or damage to their property.

Employers’ liability insurance – if you have one or more employees this is a legal requirement and covers potential claims arising from your liability for employee illness, injury or death.

Professional indemnity insurance – covers claims arising from negligence or bad advice in work done for a client

There are or course may other important areas of insurance cover that need to be considered so please contact Firstxtra* with your enquiry

*We will refer you to another authorised adviser who will provide advice in these areas.

Commercial insurance is referred to a 3rd party. Firstxtra Financial Services Ltd and First Complete Ltd are not responsible for any advice received from the 3rd party.