Protection and Insurance


Protecting what you love is natural. We can’t predict what might happen and we don’t know when a personal disaster might hit us. As a client of FirstXtra, we will ensure that the things that matter most to you are protected. Your home, your family, your income, your health.

We are committed to providing you bespoke advice, relevant to your individual circumstances, so that should you die, be diagnosed with a Critical illness such as Cancer, or lose your income, there is adequate financial provision to help you through.

It’s our professional responsibility to ensure that your home and family are protected and that you are aware of the risks involved with taking on a mortgage. We can discuss and help assess your circumstances with you to discover what cover would be most appropriate.

For more information on the various types of cover available, please click the links below:

Life Insurance
Critical Illness Cover
Income Protection
Home and Contents Insurance

Please contact us to discuss your protection requirements