Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover

1 in 2 of us will now suffer Cancer during our lifetime*
More of us than ever before will now suffer a Critical Illness at some point during our lives. It is important to consider what financial impact this could have on you and your family.

Critical Illness and Serious Illness cover will generally pay out a lump sum when you are diagnosed with an insured condition or suffer a serious injury.

Critical Illness can very hugely from different providers, and therefore it is important to get help before making a choice on what cover is right for you. In the event of a successful claim, a policy will be paid directly to you, and can be used for any purpose, such as maintaining your standard of living, paying your mortgage, making changes to your home, or paying for private healthcare.

Many Critical Illness insurers will now also extend cover to your children to ensure that the whole family is protected, recognising that your son or daughter suffering a Critical Illness such as Cancer, could have a devastating impact on your family.

It’s our professional responsibility to ensure that your home and family are protected and that you are aware of the risks involved with taking on a mortgage. We can discuss and help assess your circumstances with you to discover if Critical Illness Cover is relevant for you and what level of cover would be most appropriate.

Please contact us to discuss your Critical Illness requirements.

*statistics provided from Cancer Research UK