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Firstxtra Financial Services provide financial and mortgage advice in the Reading area. Amongst other areas in the Berkshire region Firstxtra are specialists in professional mortgage advice. We have advisors and brokers that live in the areas you are searching for to make it a more custom experience for you. Whether you are looking into buy to let, or are a first time buyer, looking to remortgage, purchasing a new property or are interested in let to buy, FirstXtra can assist.

More about the area of Reading

Reading is a city in Berkshire County, which is located in South East England. When it comes to the government in this city they have a single level of authority, and they do not permit civil parishes. In Reading this town always hosts the headquarters when it comes to the British companies. Every year the town of Reading hosts the Reading Festival. They also serve a Beer Festival and is known as one of the largest in the United Kingdom. When talking about the media, Reading has three newspapers and three radio stations. Reading has roughly around 100 parks and playgrounds, which includes a 5 mile radius of paths along the river. There is also a library, gardens and even museums to visit too.