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Firstxtra Financial Services provide financial and mortgage advice in the Tadley area. Amongst other areas in the Berkshire region Firstxtra are specialists in professional mortgage advice. We have advisors and brokers that live in the areas you are searching for to make it a more custom experience for you. Whether you are looking into buy to let, or are a first time buyer, looking to remortgage, purchasing a new property or are interested in let to buy, FirstXtra can assist.

More about the area of Tadley

The town of Tadley is located in the Berkshire region of England. This town is located where Hampshire and Berkshire meet. It is also 16km south of the town Reading and to the east of Newbury. Tadley became home to the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment. During the time this was the largest employer in the area and made the town well known. This town was first established in the 17th century as it was located near St. Peter’s church. The town was sparsely populated and many of the citizens worked into the agriculture field until the AWRE resided in this location. Due to this organization the town has seen in increase in people who come to protest the use of nuclear weapons. Tadley still offers the charm of a small town while being located to populated areas. It is a great place to get away and live a peaceful life.