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Mortgage Advice Wokingham

Firstxtra Financial Services provide financial and mortgage advice in the Wokingham area. Amongst other areas in the Berkshire region Firstxtra are specialists in professional mortgage advice. We have advisors and brokers that live in the areas you are searching for to make it a more custom experience for you. Whether you are looking into buy to let, or are a first time buyer, looking to remortgage, purchasing a new property or are interested in let to buy, FirstXtra can assist.

More about the area of Wokingham

Wokingham is a small town in Berkshire near the southern end of England. The town is known for its large number of markets. It is also located a short distance west of London. Residents and travellers to the town admire the older structures such as the churches and schools. Markets have been held in the town since 1219. Shortly after this time period, the town became a large producer of silk. This is still one of the largest exports. Many of the homes are made of stone, some with small walls in front of the homes. The Emm Brook flows through the town, and residents enjoy walking along the shores. The Windsor Forest is also in close proximity to Wokingham. The area did not start growing until about 80 years ago, but since then there have been numerous small businesses that have been added as well as modern houses. Expansions are planned for the town to the North and South.