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Buckingham in London, England is in the North of Buckinghamshire. Buckingham was acknowledged as the county town of Buckinghamshire back in the 10th century. So, you can see why Buckingham, Buckinghamshire is indeed a very prestigious place. To say the very least Buckingham is a very quaint very family oriented town. Buckingham is well known across the world for its historical past and breathe taking architecture and sublime scenic views. Buckingham has numerous historical chapters that range literally through the ages of man to date. It is in the centre of the historic marketplace which is adorned with gorgeous 18th Century Buildings. There is always something magnificent to see and take in and every corner. While in Buckingham you must visit Capabilities Brown’s which is a Historical Garden which remains to this very day an extremely important town attraction which remains in the most capable care of the National Trust. Buckingham has four major rail systems. Buckingham is home to numerous notable individuals from all walks of life. So, whether you are looking for a peaceful vacation filled with surprises; or you are looking for a place to live away from all the chaos Buckingham, Buckinghamshire is the place for you.