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Leighton Buzzard is a big town in Bedfordshire district, a place in Buckinghamshire which is situated in South East of England. Leighton Buzzard lies between Luton and Milton Keynes. Leighton Buzzard town joins to another town called Linslade and that is why sometimes the name is used to mean combination of two towns. Surprisingly, Leighton Buzzard and Linslade towns are governed jointly with Linslade as the civil parish of both. Leighton’s name is said to have come from old English language Leah-tun. The name Buzzard was added by Dean of Lincoln because the town happened to be situated within his diocese in 12th century. He added this name because there were two communities sharing the Linslade name so he wanted to differentiate the one in his diocese with the other one, hence the name Leighton Buzzard. The other Linslade was later called Linslade Bromswold. This town has many roads feeding it hence allows proper communication and networking. The roads are; Health Road from North, Hockliffe Road from West, Grovebury Road from South, and Soulbury from East. The other roads are Old Road, Stoke Road, Vandyke Road, Leighton Road etc. The town has a Railway line which connects it with other cities. Other towns and cities neighbouring Linslade Buzzard are Eaton Bray, Stewkley, Ivinghoe-Pitstone, Newton Longville, Bletchley, Dunstable, Cheddington and Woburn Sands.