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Milton Keynes is located in county of Buckinghamshire in the UK. It is somewhere around 45 miles North West of London. The administrative centre of the Borough of Milton Keynes is located in Milton Keynes. It is even sometimes abbreviated as MK. It was named formally a new town in 1967. In the 1960’s, the British Government made a series of decisions in order to reduce the housing congestion with England’s borders. One of these decisions was to establish many new towns throughout the UK’s South East region. The people who decided on the location of Milton Keyes made another decision on purpose. They decided that the location would be the same distance from London, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham and Leicester. All of those listed are major areas of population and are some of the major centres. This, they hoped would put Milton Keynes in a position to thrive on its own and become yet another major centre for population. Milton Keynes has many attractions. These attractions include Willen Lake, Milton Keynes Theatre, Bletchley Park, Big Rock Climbing Centre, Milton Keynes Museum, The National Museum of Computing and much more.